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“By the Waters of Leman” is a cinematic novella presented in four chapters shot mostly on 16mm Kodak Vision3 200T film in Super16 and delivered in a 1.33 aspect ratio.

The story follows Henry Hudson Cole, a young artist longing to live in the past who paints portraits using a tent-type camera obscura, and the day he collides with a pragmatic, aggravated customer.

Shot almost entirely on location at Blue Oak Ranch Reserve, a 3,000 acre UC Berkley ecological reserve, the film features natural light and stunning landscapes.

“By the Waters of Leman” is the first chapter in The Phantasmal Universe: a multiple film adaptation of T.S. Elliot’s monumental Modernist poem published in 1922, The Waste Land. The project encompasses several short films and two feature films we plan to complete by the poems’ centennial, 2022. “The Phantasmal Universe” mixes narrative, experimental, and documentary filmmaking; a film collage.

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Writer/Director/Producer:  Matthew Riley Alcorn
Producer:  Elizabeth Alcorn
Director of Photography:  Adam J Richman
Assistant Director:  Randy Sazzle
Construction:  Bob Schiro and the Boo Crew
Art Director:  Chad Philips
Gaffer:  Zac Baney
1st AC:  Frank Perez
2nd AC:  Adam Essertier
Film Loader:  Fergusen Sauve-Rogan
Grip:  Rob Bosacci
Dolly Grip:  Gemma Doll-Grossman
Production Sound:  Herb Wolff
Wardrobes & PD:  Matthew and Elizabeth
Seamstress:  Nancy E Alcorn
Art PA:  Pancho Morris
Hair & MUA:  Yeritza Bonilla Perez
Key PA:  Erika Svensson
Crafty:  Erica Hilburn
Location Teacher:  Georgina Aubin
Editor:  MRA
Post Sound:  Reece Miller
VFX:  Spencer Seibert
Colorist:  Adam J Richman


AD:  John Elk
2nd Shooter:  Fergusen Sauve-Rogan
Steadicam Operator:  Stew Cantrell
Steadicam Operator:  Ben Casias
1st AC:  Jerome Stolly
1st AC:  Troy Dickerson
Gaffer:  Zac Towner
Key Grip:  Edoardo De Armas
Grip:  Clark Todd
Grip:  Devon Perez
Grip:  Blake Bowers
Swing G/E:  Angie Sheil
Swing G/E:  Dylan Morris
Swing G/E:  Whitney Freedman
Dolly Grip:  Wiley Rogers
Dolly Grip:  John Dietrich
Production Sound:  Patrick Shaffer
Hair & MUA:  Annie Weibel
Wardrobe:  Ronnique Currie
Wardrobe:  Sona Minhas
Wardrobe:  Jasmine
PA:  Joanna Kay
PA:  Nancy Rojas-Hill
PA:  John Penner
PA:  Jack Rogers
PA:  Dakota Booth
PA:  Luis Samra
PA:  Andy Vu
PA:  Stephen Bartlett
PA:  Nancy E Alcorn
Set photographer:  Peter C

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